It has been encouraging to read your comments about the Hartwood Pioneer Memorial Wall.  We thought you might like to read some of those responses.   Thank you for sharing your thoughts and please continue to let us know how we are doing and keep providing suggestions of what we should include.

“This is fabulous!”  Maxine C., USA

“Very humbling messages.” Ruth M., USA

“The British Memorial Wall is a vision of incredible foresight.” Angela J., USA

‘Very interesting and thought provoking project’ John H., UK

“It sounds amazing.”  Gary B., UK

“Great to teach young people about history/RE.”  Helen B.

“Wonderful!  Interesting for us and for others not of our faith.”  Sherbet T.

“Brilliant, lovely idea, and can’t wait to see the finished project, it will be not only a comfort to some, but informative too.”  Pat O., UK

“This sounds amazing.” Philip S., UK

“What a lovely and humble tribute to those that sacrificed so much!!”  Mindy T., USA

“You keep on dreaming it and breathing it because it’s a beautiful idea and I can’t tell you the happiness and excitement my family feel at this.”  Claire R., UK

“Fabulous project!”  Christine O., UK

“What a lovely idea.” Sandra B., UK

“Really good. I didn’t know this was being worked on. Cool.”  Ben W., UK

“Virtually all of us here … can trace our ancestry to these pioneers and believe that this Memorial will create a deeply reverent and touching experience for those who come to visit the site. … This seems a perfect concept to inspire many visitors from different faiths.”  Aaron Y., USA

“Beautiful.”  Jordan C., USA

“This will be amazing!!!” Gail J., USA

“This is dynamite.  Wow.” Leonard P., USA

“Great idea.  We like your vision for the proposed memorial.  We would love to participate in ways to commemorate and celebrate the lives of many of our ancestors who joined the church in England.”  Wayne C., USA

“This is a great idea for paying tribute the faithful pioneer ancestors.”  Rex P., USA

“I think the memorial will be a wonderful opportunity for me to have another part in honoring our English ancestors.  Thank you!”  Beverly S., USA