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April 6, Lady Day and Tax

A couple of replies to yesterday’s post asked for more details about the significance of April 6 to LDS members plus whether there is any connection to Lady Day or the quirky decision by Britain to make this day the start of our tax year.  Continue reading “April 6, Lady Day and Tax”

The Cotton Lords

Cotton mill owners were given the title of the Cotton Lords to signify their powerful status in the economy and society.  The Cotton Lords of Preston were sometimes viewed as manipulative, greedy tyrants, and other times they were lauded as the deliverers from unemployment and starvation.  They truly were benefactors of relief and community enhancements, but sometimes their wealth gaining methods were questionable or downright wrong. Continue reading “The Cotton Lords”

Richard Arkwright

We have mentioned Richard Arkwright a few times in previous posts, and by the end of this post you will understand the impact he had upon the lives of many of our Preston converts. Continue reading “Richard Arkwright”

All the Cs

“To understand LDS Preston you have to understand cotton”

Cotton became such a major economic force in nineteenth century Britain that some claimed that “Britain’s Bread hangs on Lancashire’s thread.”  Our LDS missionaries arrived when the cotton industry was exploding across the Lancashire landscape.  There were a number of factors that contributed to its success, but a basic way to remember why Lancashire was so cotton friendly is to list the three Cs:  Canals, Coal and Climate.

Continue reading “All the Cs”

Brian Waugh

One of the delightful byproducts of the Pioneer Memorial Wall is the chance to commission new works of art to capture key people and events.   We have hunted around for artists whose skill and passion will make a visual feast for our visitors.

Today we introduce you to the artist Brian Waugh … Continue reading “Brian Waugh”

Facts and Stats


Welcome to the first post of “Upon the Isles of the Sea” which aims to inspire, educate and entertain you with all things pertaining to the British LDS experience.  The blog title takes its inspiration from Continue reading “Welcome”

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In Their Words…

Nothing beats a first-hand account to provide a sense of realism. For instance, compare these contemporary quotes about British Victorian poverty from our missionaries and a local minister. On their first day in Britain (1837) Heber C. Kimball walked the streets of Liverpool and recorded, Continue reading “In Their Words…”

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