This feature will be a visual visit to British church history sites. There is something magical about ‘being there’ – to stand where they stood. To see what they saw. People suddenly become more tangible. Their decisions and actions are brought back to life again.

For those who are overseas or armchair tourists we hope this will bring these sites to life for you. For those who can visit we hope you will use this information to get out there. Take your children, grab some youth, go by yourself – however you go just make the decision to connect with your past.

John Wesley

It can be a powerful and moving experience.

We think you will be surprised at just how much there is to see.


We discover the significance of the Vauxhall chapel, the cockpit, Liverpool’s Docks, Carr Side Farm, Gadfield Elm Chapel, Bunhill Fields, the Taylor’s Farmhouse, Arthur’s Seat, The Clink and many, many more.