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Angela Johnson

What’s inside?

When this crate arrived from Utah it was like Christmas, Birthday, Easter, Father’s Day and maybe even pancake day all rolled into one.  I knew what was inside, but even so I could not wait to rip off the ‘paper’.  This wooden wrapping paper proved a little more challenging than the norm and half an hour later I finally got my hands on the contents.

I was in awe.

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The memorial vision

The vision for the Hartwood Pioneer Memorial had been brewing for a couple of years when, in September 2016, I read that Elder Holland had just dedicated the Light of the World Garden at Thanksgiving Point in Utah.  I curiously clicked through and what I discovered was a revelation View the Garden here   The garden is magnificent with 35 monument size bronze sculptures of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ set in a couple of acres of the Ashton’s entertainment complex.  The sculptor, Angela Johnson, had spent years creating this incredible masterpiece testifying of His Divine mission. Continue reading “The memorial vision”

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