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Heber C. Kimball

1836 Spinner’s Strike

Then came 1836.

It is significant to remember that the following strike took place only months before our first missionaries appeared in Preston.  I propose that this conflict actually softened many hearts to be receptive to the restored gospel message.

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Missionary Legends

I regularly take missionaries from the Preston Missionary Training Centre on a Church History Tour of Preston and Downham.   They are always a delightful mixture of nationalities and often full of surprises.  Last week’s tour provided the coming together of descendants from four missionary legends.

The photo above depicts the great, great, great grandchildren of (from left to right): Joseph Fielding, Heber C. Kimball, Parley P. Pratt and Samuel Smith.  All serving at the same time Continue reading “Missionary Legends”

Plain Facts

This is part five of the Fielding legacy series and outlines how Rev. Matthews almost became a Mormon.

On the 30th July 1837 the first nine baptisms took place in Preston –  all from Revered James Fielding’s congregation.  Two days later two of the missionaries travelled 190 miles south to Bedford to see if a similar introduction and conversion could be initiated with Reverend Matthews and his congregation.  Reverend Matthews initial acceptance and sudden rejection was summarised in an 1841 missionary tract printed by Mormon missionary George J. Adams in Bedford.  The following account was signed by Heber C. Kimball, Orson Hyde and Willard Richards (Mar 24, 1841.  Preston). Continue reading “Plain Facts”

In Their Words…

Nothing beats a first-hand account to provide a sense of realism. For instance, compare these contemporary quotes about British Victorian poverty from our missionaries and a local minister. On their first day in Britain (1837) Heber C. Kimball walked the streets of Liverpool and recorded, Continue reading “In Their Words…”

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