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Parley P Pratt

April 6 – Incredible Mission

The date of April 6 has a lot of meaning to LDS folk, but did you know it was also the beginning of a mission to Canada that would have a huge impact on Britain.

On April 6 1836 Parley P Pratt left his wife behind in Kirtland to serve a mission to Canada.  Over the next few weeks he would find himself crossing paths with two spirit led individuals – a nameless stranger in Hamilton and Isabella Walton in Toronto – who would both direct Parley’s path by some tender miracles. Continue reading “April 6 – Incredible Mission”

Missionary Legends

I regularly take missionaries from the Preston Missionary Training Centre on a Church History Tour of Preston and Downham.   They are always a delightful mixture of nationalities and often full of surprises.  Last week’s tour provided the coming together of descendants from four missionary legends.

The photo above depicts the great, great, great grandchildren of (from left to right): Joseph Fielding, Heber C. Kimball, Parley P. Pratt and Samuel Smith.  All serving at the same time Continue reading “Missionary Legends”

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